Our Story


Discover yourself as you discover the Holy Land!

The Holy Land landscapes range from majestic glacial mountains to red desert dunes, from the Mediterranean's coastal plains to soothing hot springs, from meandering wadis to the mighty Jordan river.

It hosts the Holiest historical sites to Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. 

It is home to the genuine olive farmer, the oud guitar musician with his poignant ancestral melody, the Bedouin textile weaver with her brightly-colored native dress and the traditional olive oil soap maker.

Here you can savor flavors from the ripest, sweetest, sunset-Jaffa oranges picked straight from the tree or a delicious feast prepared by a homegrown matriarch.

Here, you can experience the wonders of the region personally and privately. You can feed your soul, be inspired, be generous, learn.


Who We Are

Tourath  (an Arabic word meaning Heritage) is an online tour & travel company based in Ramallah, Palestine. Guests choose us because they are tired of commercial, touristic Disneyland tours. People are looking for real experiences and stories. Tourath has plenty of stories to share with the world; the story about our land, our history, our people, our music, our dance, our culture, our struggle, and our spirit.

What We Do

We invite guests to share with us local experiences and insights of the land and its different peoples. We create intimate life-bonding experiences that will foster connections from the Holy Land to the world.

Our tours are unique as they explore hidden gems not marketed by the dominant tourism industry; such as unique shrines, trendy neighborhoods, rural villages, soap factories, breweries, local festivals, natural wonders, walks and hikes, family gatherings and local dining and much more.

Our customer service is tailored to have maximum groups of 7 people in each tour; in order, to be able to dedicate more time and energy to each person on their journey.

We also offer accommodation in warm homes of hospitable hosts that share their homes, food, and love with their guests. No cold hotel room here.

All cuisine is local and authentic. There is no place for untasteful food or commercial fast food chains.

All local guides are real and share with you how they see their city, their neighborhoods and their country. They share all the favorite hidden spots you will never discover in an ordinary touristic tour.