West Bank Nature Trails

Choose from many beautiful nature trails in the West Bank, Palestine. The West Bank is a hikers' paradise: mountains shimmering with olive trees, exquisite views, natural springs, vineyards, desert expanses and historic ruins at nearly every turn. The Palestinian hiking groups aim to enjoy that nature, but also to escape the tensions of life under Israeli military occupation and display ownership over the land they walk.

"To walk for three or four hours without checkpoints, without seeing soldiers, something like this, it makes you feel, somehow, you can feel some free," says Ammar Jawdat, 28, a lawyer.

The West Bank is a well-trodden land, conquered by many peoples throughout the centuries. In 1967, Israel captured the territory, and today, hundreds of thousands of Israelis have planted roots in Jewish settlements, many of which are near Palestinian cities and villages or on land Palestinian families claim as their own property. Palestinians want them out, and want the land to create an independent country of their own – a country named Palestine.

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